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December, 2020
    Mauston Area Ambulance obtained two LUCAS Mechanical CPR devices.

The LUCAS is designed to provide high quality, consistent compressions using a mechanical device to patients in cardiac arrest. When we have patients in cardiac arrest, we stay on the scene and perform procedures and provide medications that the Emergency Room performs. This is great for patients, as they receive high performance CPR and pertinent interventions very quickly and consistently, regardless if we are five minutes in or 30 minutes in to efforts.

We are grateful that we work with some great first responder agencies, as well as often receive amazing assistance from or local law enforcement officers and area Fire Departments for some of our critical patients. But sometimes these resources are not available. This new device allows our crews to transition from high quality manual compressions to automated mechanical compressions, freeing up one provider to perform additional tasks, as well as prevent fatigue and poor compressions as we continue efforts to restart the patient’s heart.

Likewise, this device continues with our efforts to match equipment with what is available at our local hospital, Mile Bluff Medical Center. Earlier in the year we acquired new video laryngoscopes, the same kind that the hospital use, and now this device. This allows cross-familiarization of equipment if we need to assist the hospital staff, if they need to assist us upon arrival, or if one of the ER Physicians happen upon one of our scenes.

Friday, March 2nd, 2018
    Mauston Area Ambulance began a new tradition of Blessing our newly received ambulance