Information for Hospitals Looking to Setup Inter-Facility Transfers or Scheduled Medical Transports

Mauston Area Ambulance offers community-based inter-facility transfers at the EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, or Critical Care Paramedic levels as dictated by patient condition. We are capable of performing Bi-Level Non-Invasive Ventilation (BiPAP), as well as ventilator support for intubated patients. We do not currently perform fetal heart monitoring, nor invasive blood pressure monitoring. To request this service, please contact our Supervisor Phone at (608) 547-3363.

For every transfer, we need certain paperwork to be completed. Please have your facility's face sheet along with a completed and signed Physician Certification Statement (PCS Form). Also, if the patient needs any interventions not covered by our standing patient care protocols, please include written orders for those treatments.

Physician Certification Statement (PCS)

For additional information pertaining to our Scope of Practice and what medications we are able to take, please see the following documents:

Wisconsin Scope of Practice and Medication List

Pre-Approved Mauston EMS Paramedic Medication List for Transfers