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Mauston Area Ambulance

About the Mauston Area Ambulance

Mauston Area Ambulance Association is a non-profit company that was founded in August of 1979 to provide emergency medical care and transport to sick and injured people in the central, east, and southern areas of Juneau County. We serve the City of Mauston, the Village of Lyndon Station, and the Townships of Germantown, Kildare, Lemonweir, Lindina, Lisbon, Marion, Seven Mile Creek, and Summit. We work closely with the other ambulance services and first responder groups in Juneau County as well as with the services in surrounding Counties to provide care for the citizens and visitors to the area.


We are staffed by 21 dedicated EMTs, Advanced EMTs, and Paramedics with two ambulances at the Paramedic Level who will respond 24 hours a day to any emergency we are called to. Our fleet consits of two Ford E-450 Ambulances with MedTech Type III conversions, a Ford Transit with Medix Conversion used for Inter-Facility Transfers, and a Ford Interceptor SUV used for intercepts and administrative duties. We have state-of-the-art equipment including two channel IV pumps, Lifepak 15s, and progressive treatment protocols that are used to help people in their time of need.

Levels of Service

From our inception in 1979 until 2012, we operated at the EMT-Basic level of care. This allowed us to provide emergency treatments including CPR, automated defibrillation, airway management, bandaging, splinting, and limited medication administration.

In the summer of 2012, we upgraded our service level to Intermediate Technician (also known as Advanced EMT). This upgrade required our EMT’s to attend a significant amount of additional schooling as well as training on new treatment protocols and equipment. We were then able to offer additional treatments including CPAP (a breathing treatment), advanced vital sign monitoring, intravenous fluids, and additional medications including medications for diabetic emergencies, chest pain, and drug overdoses. We were also able to obtain a 12-lead EKG and send it wirelessly to the hospital for a physician to evaluate prior to us arriving with the patient. This allowed for faster transfer of a patient to definitive care in certain cardiac emergencies. Saving this time for a patient’s transfer is a potentially life changing/saving accomplishment.

Beginning March 1, 2015, we upgraded our service license to the Paramedic level.  This allows us to perform many advanced treatments and provide a large number of new medications for a variety of life threatening problems as well as to provide comfort to our patients.


Until 2013, our ambulances were housed in garage bays attached to the city hall. Due to increases in the amount of calls we respond to and the amount of equipment that we have to carry, we have outgrown that home. In October of 2013, we completed construction of a new ambulance station that is located at the corner of South Union Street and Prairie Street in the City of Mauston.

This new station allows us to be better staffed to respond to the emergencies that we are called to on a daily basis. With our new home, we also have appropriate areas to store our equipment and medications, as well as areas for meetings and trainings to allow us to better respond to medical emergencies. The station also allows us room to expand and improve in the future to meet the coming needs of our community.

The Future

We appreciate the opportunity that we have had to serve you, and look forward to continuing our service to the community in the future. We have purchased training equipment and utilized time and personnel to increase our knowledge and skills to better provide consistent quality care to our community. We thank all of those that have provided donations, time, and efforts toward furthering our service over the years and continue to look forward to working with individuals and organizations to further that agenda.


Michael Petersen, Operations Supervisor and Paramedic, at a Municipality Board Meeting. We regularly attend Municipal and Township Board Meetings to keep them updated on upcoming news and changes within Mauston Area Ambulance that can effect them, we hope citizens of these townships are able to attend and learn as well.